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Active Partnership

15% Partners

Honor the Earth

Sebastopol Gallery

40 x 30”

Active Partnership

I love to work in alliance with many wonderful people who love & protect animals, plants, & ecosystems.

Please take the opportunity to become an active partner in my work, & let my work support & inspire yours. You can

  • buy an original painting to bring vision & power into your home or workplace
  • buy reproductions of your favorite images to enjoy & share
  • make a direct donation toward studio time, paints, paper, & other materials
  • visit my studio to see more of my work & share ideas
  • write to me about your experiences, & images you’d like to see
  • link my website to your group’s website
  • invite me to present my work to your group
  • organize a show of my paintings
  • arrange to use my images in your publications or website
  • use my work for your group’s fundraising & educational events
  • write articles about my work for local, regional, or national publications
  • produce a video about my work

For any of these, contact me at or 707-824-8189.

15% Partners

I’m honored to collaborate with a number of environmentalists, healers, and paradigm shifters. The following groups & individuals show my work on their websites, with 15% of resulting sales going to support their work:

Forest Unlimited Forest Unlimited, Cazadero, CA.
The purpose of this non-profit group is to protect & restore Sonoma County forests & watersheds. They monitor logging plans, challenge illegal & unsound logging, sponsor restoration projects, & educate around forestry law.
Salmonid Restoration Federation Salmonid Restoration Federation
The Salmonid Restoration Federation was formed in 1986 to help stream restoration practitioners advance the art and science of restoration.SRF promotes restoration,stewardship, and recovery of California native salmon, steelhead, and trout populations through education, collaboration, and advocacy.
Sarah Dole Sarah Dole, shamanic practitioner
Sebastopol, CA.
Sarah offers spiritual healing: soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extraction, removing blocks & unwanted energy, clearing, ceremony & ritual. Her sessions & classes have richly helped me & my daughters. We feel deep affinity for each other’s work, & reciprocate offers. Sarah will support my work with 15% of any sessions referred from my site. Please visit

Honor the Earth
Photo by Keri Pickett

Honor the EarthHonor the Earth is both one of my 15% partners and my favorite non-profit.

Their mission is “to create awareness and support for Native environmental issues and to develop needed financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities. Honor the Earth develops these resources by using music, the arts, the media, and Indigenous wisdom to ask people to recognize our joint dependency on the Earth and be a voice for those not heard.”

Through their work I’ve seen that my vision of a healed ecology is inseparable from the emergence of Native environmentalism as a dominant force in American life.

With the deepest respect, I offer 1% of all my sales from any source to support their programs. Please visit their site — All my relations

Sebastopol Gallery

Sebastopol GalleryMy work is also shown at Sebastopol Gallery, where I’m one of the founding members. Our shows change every 6 to 8 weeks, with a reception for each new rotation, including live music.

To be on our mailing list, e-mail or call 707 829-7200. 150 North Main, Sebastopol CA 95472. Open daily 11-6. Gallery


  **Also available in laser print. 
home totems climate mystery kachinas native country abstracts linocuts partners buying/contact rapsheet


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