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Spiritual Artwork

Spirits, Cycles & Waters

“Sandy Eastoak's work is visual poetry; it reveals the spiritual within the ordinary
and hints at the mystery behind existence.”
----Larry Robinson

spiritual and nature paintings for sale

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your visit & find images to bring to your home or work space.

I use high quality acrylic, watercolor, canvas, ink, paper, & mixed media to produce lasting original art works. I also offer giclee reproductions of many of these works.

I love our land & the animals & plants who live here with us. The whole world is infused with consciousness. Events emerge in repeating patterns. Our oceans & watersheds give us life. All that I paint is an offering to these spirits, cycles & waters.

Website images tell only part of a painting’s story. I welcome your questions & comments by e-mail, or you may visit my studio by appointment.





watercolor: Tara Visits Raven's Pond

Friday, August 19, 2-8pm and Saturday, August 20, 11am-6pm 540 DuFranc Avenue Sebastopol, 824-8189

Thanks to you, much of my art will not be moving to my new home! Specials:

Many paintings at 50%

Many pieces at Name Your Price.

Reproductions at 40% off

Non-profit folks are welcome to select donation pieces for your next fundraiser.

Lighten my load, brighten your home.






watercolor: corn maiden

Goddesses, Saints & Climate

I've begun working on a new, long-term project: paintint the climate statements of each of the 26 beings in Twenty-six companions: Celtic, Buddhist & Native Spirit Guides.

The first one of this series Climate: Corn Mother, watercolor, 19.5 x 15.4"/

Corn Maiden says of climate: The plants you think of as food have a natural relationship to a wide variety of plant & animal species. Modern forms of agriculture rupture these relationships & create an illusion of fertility that is really a wasteland. Returning all your agriculture to harmony with the land...takes a lot of heat off the planet...."

I intend to make strong connections with climate scientists, activists and healers, so that these images can support them and their work.

Please contact me with your ideas about how give this series its greatest benefit to all.



Poetry Books

I published two new poetry books last fall: Dark Love and Nuggets. Both are available at Many Rivers Books, 130 South Main, Sebastopol, and Amazon.

Song from the Seaartist with paintings at Occidental Center for the Arts

I have two acrylic paintings in the new show at Occidental Center for the Arts: Breakers and Salmon Migration. The show runs through July 10. The gallery is open Friday and Saturday, 11 am - 4 pm, and by appointment. 3850 Doris Murphy Court (near the crossroads of Bohemian Hwy and Graton Rd).









Pomo Honoring Month

watercolor: Essie ParrishThis October will be Sebastopol's Seventh Annual Pomo Honoring Month.

Our program this year may be smaller than usual. Our organizers have been diverted to family matters and health issues.

We anticipate another great talk by Molin Malacay, the film Hinth'el Gaahnula, and of course, the Pomo Youth Dancers.

If you can help create events this year, please contact me or the other organizers (through the website).




A few years ago I created a linocut of a goddess, god, saint or shaman every two weeks, using a meditative process. At the fervent request of many people who bought these linocuts, I've written a book about my personal experiences with each Being, with suggestions for how to practice with them. My purpose is to encourage others to explore the invisible realms, to trust your perceptions, & to develop understanding of what you find there. One strength of the book is its ecological perspective. Each spiritual tradition is woven into the loving, living earth.

Twenty-six Companions is available at Many Rivers Books & Sebastopol Gallery. If you live outside Sonoma County, you can order it through Amazon or ask your bookstore to order it from Ingram.

The Twenty-six Companions are Hybla, Sarasvati, Okame, Kwan Yin, Buddhabodhiprabhavasita, Spider Woman, Tara, Lugh, Cerridwyn, Corn Maiden, Maeve, Raven, Thich Nhat Hanh, Habonde, Bear Woman, Padmasambhava, Brigid, Marzenna, Sitting Bull, Cernunnos, Buddha, Fulla, Jesus, Hakuin, Saint Francis & Johannes Scotus Erigena.

The original linocuts are available at Sebastopol Gallery, & will soon be available at Many Rivers. Images of them are here.





Last October Barry Chertov of WaccoBB.net made a video interview of me as Featured Artist of the Month. View it here.

In January, wonderful poet Lee Slonimsky gave a special reading at Sebastopol Gallery. John Christian made a video, including my introduction. View it here.



Humboldt Window: watercolor of salmon & hills

What Now

On Monday, October 10, at noon, Janey Hirsh & I appeared on Ken Rose's show, talking about this year's Pomo Honoring Month. It is available as a podcast on his site.

Las May, I had the pleasure of being Ken Rose’s guest on his stimulating talk show on KOWS. He led me through tidbits about my artistic purpose, affinity for Native people, desires for an ecological paradigm, & even specific paintings he had me bring to the studio. You can listen to the interview as a podcast.

At right is one of the paintings we talked about, Humboldt Window, celebrating the vital role of salmon in the forests of Humboldt County, & linking us to the mystery of the cosmos. Watercolor, 14 x 13".



Return to Light SalmonSalmonid Restoration Federation

Since the Salmonid Restoration Federation opened their new office in downtown Garberville, they’ve featured ten of my salmon paintings. SRF & I have been allies for a long time, & I love having my salmon where salmon-lovers can love them.

Return to Light Salmon, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24".

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